Memory Care Unit

As part of Kittson Healthcare’s Nursing Home, we have a dedicated memory care unit. The memory care unit is secured and staffed 24-7 to ensure the safety of all our residents.

When you walk into our unit, you are engulfed in sunlight through the open concept, communal living space at the center. Daily, specific activities are held for residents that are goal oriented to help them with their needs.

Residents can get their nails painted, attending baking sessions with staff every week, play interactive games, and residents can fold laundry, all while being in a calm and quiet atmosphere to promote the best lifestyles for them. In the nicer months, residents can also enjoy time outside on the patio to play games or take part in picnics held by the staff.

There is also a sensory room full of animated lighting and materials to help calm residents.

To find out more information regarding our memory care unit, please call (218) 843-3612.